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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Juggling 00:02:00
This introductory video explains why hand-eye coordination is imperative for any sport.
2 Balls-Juggling 00:03:00
Josh explains how to juggle with two balls by using throw-throw-catch-catch.
Juggling with 3 Balls 00:04:00
Josh explains juggling with three balls and three throws.
Outside-In Juggling 00:01:00
This video is on advanced juggling and how to keep challenging yourself with different drills.
Off The Ground 00:04:00
Instead of in the air, Josh focuses on juggling off the ground.
Troubleshooting-2 Balls 1 Hand 00:02:00
This trouble shooting video explains how using two balls in one hand will help you understand the timing of release and catch.