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Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE 00:27:00
Introduction to Mite Development Program
Mite Development Drill Sheet FREE 00:00:00
The Basics and Fundamentals
The Basics FREE 00:02:32
The basics and fundamentals for Mite Goaltenders
Stance FREE 00:04:00
The Basics and Fundamentals of movement.
Butterfly FREE 00:01:00
The Basics-Saves: Butterfly Save
Stick Saves-The Basics FREE 00:04:00
The Basics-Saves: Stick Saves
Positioning-Angles, Depth Gap Control FREE 00:06:00
The Basics- Positioning: Angles Depth Gap Control
On Ice Drills
Arm Positioning FREE 00:03:00
On Ice Drills: Arm Positioning Stick Drill
Post Out Shot FREE 00:01:22
On Ice Drills: Post Out Shot
Post to Post Out Shot FREE 00:01:29
On Ice Drills: Post To Post Out Shot
Getting Up On The Correct Leg FREE 00:04:00
On Ice Drills: Getting Up Correct Leg
Barrel Rolls FREE 00:02:00
On Ice Drills: Barrell Rolls, Getting Up From Stomach, Back Side
8 Minute Mega Impact Session
8 Minute Mega Session FREE 00:08:00
8 Minute MEGA Session
Coaching Points
Distance FREE 00:03:00
Coaching Points Part 1 Coaching Distance
Let Goalies Get Set FREE 00:02:00
Coaching Points Part 1 Let Goalies Get Set
Success and Communication FREE 00:04:00
Coaching Points Part 1 Success And Communication
Covering Puck Correctly FREE 00:04:00
Coaching Points Part 2: Covering Puck Correctly
Net Placement FREE 00:04:00
Coaching Points Part 2: Net Placement Pegs Drawing A Crease
Carousel Drills FREE 00:02:00
Coaching Points Part 2 Carousel Drills
Bonus Drills
Bonus Drills-Peek A Boo Puck FREE 00:02:00
Bonus Drills: Peek a Boo Puck
Bonus Drills-Around The World FREE 00:02:00
Bonus Drills-Around The World
Bonus Drills-Post Tire Shot FREE 00:03:00
Bonus Drills: Post Tire Shot
Bonus Drills-Two Shot Angle FREE 00:03:00
Bonus Drills: Two Shot Angle Drill