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Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Stay In The Sport Zone 00:00:00
6 At-home video coaching modules that will train you mentally to stay and play in the sport zone! Going through these powerful trainings & routinely practicing the practical points of application will help you gain a perspective that will translate to deeper satisfaction, better performance, & an overall greater enjoyment in your sport and life.
Training 1-Moving From Frustration To Fire 00:16:00
Training 2-Building Laser Focus 00:21:00
Understanding your (sometimes intense) emotions How to define and manage your expectations Realistic vs. Unrealistic Expectations and interpretation of your performance Igniting your fire
Training 3-Becoming Unshakably Confident 00:25:00
Breaking down Confidence Myths What REALLY is Confidence? A Framework for Building Unshakeable Confidence Specific Thinking Skills for Building Confidence 30-Day Confidence Building Plan
Training 4-Peak Performance Practice 00:13:00
Quality Practice is one Secret to Peak Performance Practice Principles Peak Performance Practice Mindset 3P Preparations 3P Preparation Routine
Training 5-Powerless To Empowered 00:20:00
Powerless vs. Empowered Defined Psychology 101: What happens when we compete. Actions of the Empowered vs. the Powerless 5 Secrets to Being Empowered
Training 6-Moving Beyond Your Fear of Failure 00:10:00
This course will enable you to overcome your fear of failure within 30 days!