Lance Pitlick

Stickhandling & Shooting Instructor

Online Hockey Training

I’m a full time off-ice stick-handling and shooting instructor, working with hockey players both in-person and online that range from peewee all the way up to current NHL players.

Let me first start by saying, if you or your son or daughter are searching for someone to help with improving your stickhandling and hockey shot, you’ve found your Coach and have come to the right place.

Today I’m an off-ice stickhandling and shooting specialist, but when I retired from the NHL in 2002, I was as far away from that job title a person could be. I had hands like feet and was once told by my coach in the NHL that when I have the puck on my stick my job was to get it off it as quickly as possible.

I was a physical defensive defenseman who scored 16 goals and had 33 assists in 393 games. Having a big hit or blocking a shot on the penalty kill was the equivalent of scoring a goal for me. What I lacked in skill, I tried to make up for with heart and determination. I just loved the game and kept playing until my body said I couldn’t do it anymore.

Since retiring from the NHL, teaching stick-handling and shooting hockey skills has become my passion.

But it wasn’t always that way…

You might be surprised to hear that most players (even NHL Pros) don’t know how to improve their puck handling and shooting ability.

Over the past 10+ years of research and experimentation, I’ve developed the best dang off-ice stick-handling and shooting program in the world! A system that gives players the ability to possess the puck longer, make more plays, generate more offense and score more goals.

February 23, 2019
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